What is Mt5 White label solution ?

Meta Trader 5 White label solution delivers a powerful trading system with the Market Depth and a system of grey label solution separate accounting of Orders and trades. It supports both order accounting systems: the traditional netting system and the hedging option system. Four order execution in mt5 data feeds modes are available to meet various trading objectives: Instant, Request, Market and Exchange execution. The platform supports all types of orders including market, pending and stop orders, as well as trailing stop. We provide Mt5 Grey label Solution through which anyone can have great advantage while trading forex. Our Mt5 White Label Solution includes all the support needed to trade forex. We are Mt5 Live Data Provider In India. Our Quality Mt5 Data Providers are also available In Canada. We also give Mt5 Manual levels. We are Mt5 data Provider in Singapore as well. Mt5 Live Data Feed In United Kingdom. Mt5 Live Data feed In US

What is Forex CRM ?

Metatrader5 charts provider is Digital which allows your sales teams to execute the tasks digitally. There are Lot more  Metatrader5 indicators Integrates widgets and tools as per the requirements. You can download Metatrader5 Software through our website as well as customer support link. It also prepares the foundation for automation with RPA & AI. We have everything Customized In our CRM as per the Requirements and Clients Preferences. Any upgrades/ updates to our CRM is very easy with the help of our support team. Metatrader5 grey label solution through which you can also view insights & reports to monitor the performance. Metatrader5 white label solution is very Simple and straight forward to Use and the user interface is Designed to save the time and efforts of the sales teams. It is easy to learn processes; and easier to use on daily basis. Metatrader5 manager is Automated, while our metatrader5 broker CRM  allows a small sales team to handle all the sales and support tasks effectively, Without Delay metatrader5 admin gives everything right from traders, broker, feeds, technology, tools, payments, IB & Affiliates, support, reports and analytics etc. are bound together in Traders Room.

What is Forex Plugin ?

Forex is an ever growing Market. People from world over are participating and creating Forex Market. Different  manager  of metatrader5 and Forex Brokers need different functions and tools to operate a profitable business. We do provide mcx mt5 real time data in our forex plugin. And Most important our  forex metatrader5 broker are Forex Plugins too. White MT4 & MT5 Platforms have very advanced tools they still lack some important functions that a forex broker may need to carry out day to day operations. To admin metatrader5 address this issue, we have a Plugin Box that is packed with several Plugins to make life of brokers easier. We Can enter the value of their preferable currency and convert their value. Our metatrader5 white label can also be an additional widget anywhere on the website with simple metatrader5 grey label solution customization for ease of usage.

What is Trading Signal Software ?

Forex Trading Signals Software lets Forex master traders and also mt5 all segment data to connect with traders who want to follow their signals. Our mt5 white label solution also lets Master or Pro Traders to generate Buy Sell Trading Signals with Entry Price, Stop Loss, Take Profit & Trade duration. We also provide mt5 data feed in United kingdom .Our mt5 manager also works as an integrated performance dashboard shows how the signals by a Master Trader performed over a period with success rate, mt5 indicators and templates have win-loss percentage, actual profit & loss etc. We are mt5 data feed provider in Singapore. 

What is Social Trading Platform ?

Forex is an ever growing Market. People from world over are participating and creating Forex Market. Forex Community is growing by leaps and bounds. Different people have different capabilities and understanding of market.

Our Social Trading Platform lets Master Traders, Pro Traders and beginners to come together and share their experiences, queries and answers to grow together. We are also providing Signal free indicators with data in mt5. People could connect with whoever they want and follow the master traders. Share the observations on market conditions, insights, predictions, news and events etc. our meta trader admin will create a mutually beneficial eco system for all stake holders of Forex Market. Innovative trading platform With Every Tool that makes Your Experience Better. We have manager mt5 for forex and Highly regulated broker with lower spreads and all time support. Wide range of assets to trade with our platform which is User- Friendly . Ability to earn 2% management fee as an Investor trader.

What is Mobile Manager ?

It becomes very easier when accessing MT4/MT5 Manager from Laptop or PC and our mt5 white label helps in reading charts more accurate but becomes very difficult when you are on the road or travelling. Carrying Laptop everywhere that too with on demand internet connectivity is very difficult. we also solution mt5 admin mt5 Smart Phone and Mobile can be very handy as far as portability and internet accessibility is concerned. We also provide meta trader for broker and most of our clients shared this problem with us and here we are, we have developed a Mobile Manager and meta trader grey label  App that you can download on your phone and can access all important feature and functions of MT4 Manager.